The Day When The Elephant Came out

My girlfriend was doing the chit-chat with some other dude. They were spontaneous. They were playing like kids in the toll plaza area. In front of the toll plaza there was the road, but no car was there. She had one long binoni in her back, when the dude was teasing her with words, she responded more quickly and amazingly and her binoni was moving too, blowing in the wind as if it could fly ; fly like his words. They were not standing in one place; they were changing their position in every moment. Walking, talking, crossing themselves, getting back, coming over, smiling and giggling and all these blah blah blah was happening. Obviously there was no physical touching. They were immortal being, beyond their physical existence.

I was sitting in the audience loop. The man sat besides my seat was getting jealous; I can feel his tension; he was anxious – will there be any physical touch? I don’t have any such tension. Because I knew for sure, there will be no such thing. They were just enjoying their moments. And I was enjoying too.

But I was enjoying too much. I felt that as an audience I was also part of this stage show. There was one man in the ATM booth, picking up his money from the machine. He was quite slow. I was curious why was he so slow, what the hell he is waiting for? Besides the ATM Booth, there was a closed door. When I make my appearance in front of that door suddenly the door opened. I saw the eyes of the elephant. It looked like it was angry. I didn’t know why. Was it angry at me? I tried to look in to its eyes, but I couldn’t find where its eyes were. Suddenly the conversation between my girlfriend (who was an actress actually) and the dude stopped. It seemed like I had come in to the scene. I was also part of the play. This somehow frightened me. Continue reading