What I learn from watching Jurassic World

1. There is only one way in real LOVE – his way or her way. Then again it’s a his way. 🙂

2. LOVE is more of a field management thing than of a corporate office manners.

3. Animals still live in Pavlov’s world. But apart from that they can also understand the signs of LOVE.

4. Make FUN with the insignificant characters and side roles only.

5. INDIANS ( Irrfan Khan) are in their learning phase, but they are sure to die. JAPANESE are intelligent culprits. OLD AMERICANS with the progress concept are not enough, need to hand-over the power to the NEW AMERICANS.

6. Engage MORAL dinosaurs to find out the UNETHICAL dinosaur and kill that.

7. Don’t KISS your colleague when you have a boyfriend!

8. Let the two opponents fight with each other. We, the civilized man and women are the initiator and the viewer of the movie, only.

9. However, you are always allowed to write a MOVIE REVIEW in your personal blog.

10. At the end of the movie, mamma is always there for you!

11. As long as there are humans, there will be dinosaurs too!

12, Stick with your love, for your SURVIVAL.

13. Survival means waste the time of your life making fantasies that you hate; so that everyone out there can LOVE them.


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